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Three movies released in 2010 stayed with me after a second viewing: Black Swan (Darren Aronosfsky), The  Social Network (David Fincher) and The American (Anton Corbijn).

A special mention goes to Greenberg (Naoh Baumbach). I loved The Squid and the Whale (2005) and Muriel at the Wedding (2007), so there’s no surprise here.

With Christmas and all that craze so close let’s keep our sanity with a mix of  Bad Santa (Terry Zwigoff, 2003) and It’s a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946). Ho ho ho!

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I’m gonna start by saying that I admit that I’m on the verge of alcoholism and I’m with one foot (the left one) already in the land of depression. But, I don’t get all the despair of most of the bloggers (social commentators?) who can’t see any bloody good thing in the modern world. I mean, come on. What the fuck?

The world life expectancy skyrocketed in the last hundred years but, oh my god, the evil (Microsoft) kind of  killed the yahoo search engine. The end is near….

We have thousands of TV channels (possibly full of shit, as the poet said), the Internet, satellite radio, all the  bloody games ever imagined, but KDE4 is fucked and Gnome3 is even worse. The end is near…

You can reach any location on earth in a matter of hours, but Apple is fighting with Microsoft and Microsoft with Google. The end is near…

Modern medicine eradicated most of the deadly diseases of the past, but what about the blue screen of death? The end is near…

We are beginning to have a complete picture of the universe we are living in, but Twitter (or Facebook) has a fucking bug or something. The end is near…

Darwin changed forever our understanding of our very nature, but SenseUI is a bit slow on HTC Hero. The end is near…

The psychology (and biology for that matter) made groundbreakings discoveries about the human nature,  but the latest Wii application is draining the batteries (I made that up). The end is near…

I have Sigur Ros playing only for me in my headphones, but the iPhone didn’t have “copy and past” till the GS came along. The end is near…

Come on. Take your daily dose of Prozac or have a glass of wine and stop fucking complaining.

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And now for something completely different.

Today: Dementia.

Scientists came to my rescue (again) with some moderate-to-good news. A few drinks might be good for you.  All my training in all these years might not be in vain.

But be aware that others scientists warn about  excessive drinking (of course they do).

As always, the way to go is (unfortunately) moderation.

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Above is a trailer for a Van Damme‘s movie. A movie which I really enjoyed and highly recommend.

In the last nineteen years I chose not to watch any soap-operas, to see as little as possible B movies and if possible no really crappy movie at all(allowing for the little guilty pleasures, of course). Meanwhile, thankfully, Tarantino (and Cohen brothers, but on a different scale)  came along and brought to snobs like me the delights of pulp fiction. Jump to JCVD.

Now, I don’t mean to imply that what director Mabrouk El Mechri did with Jean-Claude Van Damme (“May I call you Jean-Claude?”) is similar with what Tarantino did with Travolta, but the unknown (to me, anyway) director managed to put together a nice piece of cinema.

I suspect that if you know who Van Damme is, you’ll appreciate the movie at a different level than somebody who never heard of the karate kid from Belgium set to conquer Hollywood. But,anyway, there is plenty to enjoy in this movie “about” a robbery of a small post office somewhere in Brussels. A subtle humor and (auto-)irony is accompanying this movie and we have an unexpected and brilliant moment (a monologue/confession of the actor Jean-Claude as the character Jean-Claude?) who take us somehow at a different level of understanding the director’s intentions.

It seems that this film has a limited release so I pray to God (as Letterman would say) that your city is one of the selected ones.

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WTF? Is it just me who gets uncomfortable when I’m hearing about a person who got sober(as in teetotaler) for I don’t know how many months or years(usually forever)?
For some reason I never say “Good for you! This is the way to go!” blah blah; instead my first reaction is wtf?
Wouldn’t you be more satisfied saying: I’ve only had a glass of ****(insert your favorite drink here) a day than “Wow! I’ve quit drinking!”
I mean, wouldn’t it be more empowering to control your habits(vices, whatever!) instead of showing  the world how weak  you are by not being able to control(whatever is that you think is damaging: watching too much porn, drinking too much, swearing too much etcetera) and surrender(white flag or not) on the battlefield? How come you become a big hero by practising abstinence? Isn’t it a little like a woman(to use the stereotype that women talk too much; which by the way, I don’t think it’s correct) who realizes that she’s talking too much to her partner and decides  not to talk at all?
Since when is a person,who doesn’t touch alcohol, stronger than somebody who can say “I had one glass and that’s enough for me”?

And I have the same reaction no matter who that person is: Craig Fergusson, Janeane Garofalo or Colin Farrell(I like all three most of the time).

I suppose that it’s just me looking for ways to keep drinking when I feel like having a drink or not drink if I don’t feel like drinking.

It looks like there is no way to win(to win what/what’s the game is a different topic).

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I’ve just discovered a very funny clip taken from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”:


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