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the new idiot = an intelligent, educated and articulate person whose thinking is muddled by lectures from the postmodernists of the left.


the new idiot will describe the 9/11 terrorist attacks as ‘the greatest work of art imaginable for the whole cosmos‘ (Karlheinz Stockhausen);

the new idiot’s reaction to unprovoked acts of violence by protesters against the police at a march, in a liberal democracy: ‘superb‘, ‘bravo’ , ‘well done‘ etc etc ;

the new idiot choses to sweep under the rug all the crimes done in the name of Our Lord Marx-Lenin the Engels, and, in general, tends to ignore the catastrophic effects of joining an utopian uprising (any utopia!);

the new idiot thinks that because he listen to Wagner or Bach, and reads Derrida or Baudrillard is morally superior to someone who listen to Pink Floyd or Radiohead, and reads Mark Twain or Raymond Chandler;

the new idiot believes that reality is a social construct;


None. For some cases taking off the blindfolds might help, for others a visit to North Korea has been recommended, but I have my doubts that it will work.

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The word in question is masterpiece and the soon-to-be revealed statements belong to two famous directors.

I was watching the other night In the Realm of the Senses (1976,  Nagisa Oshima) and after the movie was over (no, I wasn’t looking for a tissue) I start reading various reviews of that Japanese flick. No matter if the reviews were favorable or not,  two words jumped from every page: masterpiece and pornography. Not being an expert in neither fields (in my defense: as long as the pornographic images -static or moving- are disguised as art, I’m happy to watch them, every once in a while) I remembered that I’ve wrote down the opinion on our subject of a true genius of modern cinema, Orson Welles. The following is Welles’s answer to Dick Cavett’ question ‘ Have ever anyone made a pornographic masterpiece?’

I think it only can be a masterpiece of pornography, but not a masterpiece which was pornographic, if you know what I mean. In other words, if what you’re after it’s to excite people sexually, overexcite them or stimulate them, then it should be possible to make a film which is exciting and is therefore a masterpiece of excitation. But you cannot make a film-masterpiece which is pornographic because the material is antipathetic to the film. You can get as dirty as you want, but not also excite people, because exciting people during the course of the story, exciting them sexually, is changing the subject so completely that you have no more narrative form.

And now the promised statements:

I don’t know if this is a comedy or a tragedy, but it’s a masterpiece.

(Jean-Luc Godard, Une femme est une femme)


I think this just might be my masterpiece.

(Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds)

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I wish any kid to be able someday to say: “I was there!

Or, if they fail in doing that, at least to be able to say:  “I’ll have  3 measures of Gordon’s gin, one of vodka, half of Kina Lillet (not vermouth) shaken well until it is ice-cold, then served with a large thin slice of lemon peel“.

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Sometimes you find yourself walking on a road and you didn’t even remember why you chose this way and not another. But everything is so familiar. A road well travelled. And you keep going along a path already travelled. And this journey is supposed to be your life (at least that’s everybody says). If you are lucky enough, at some point in your journey you will encounter an event that’s gonna be your wake-up call.

And this is what happen to Walter. Walter is a sixty years old college professor, recently widowed and whose reason to be alive seems (to me) to be the habit. The habit of living. But professor Walter will awake. He’s gonna meet a young artful couple (he’s Syrian, she is Senegalese) who just happen to live in his  New York apartment (by some scam scheme). Costume’s wearing Walter will discover the African drum and a new rhythm who is going to revive his monotonous life.

He’s new Syrian friend (Tarek)  is not only a talented drummer, he’s also an illegal immigrant. And he’ll get arrested. At this point the writer-director Tom McCarthy took his opportunity to address the sensitive issue of immigration. And sensitive it is.

I’m not going to tell you what happen next because I’d like you to go and see this movie. I’ll only tell you that Tarek’s mother, Mouna( the beautiful Hiam Abbass) will come in the city searching for her son. In fact, I would go as far as to recommend this movie only for watching Hiam Abbass filling the screen with her presence. But I would be wrong.  Richard Jenkins (Walter) is doing a very fine job here.

Please go and see this movie (I’ll make a lot of money if you do so!).

The trailer below:

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Late last night I was watching Obama’s press conference on here and I couldn’t believe what an incredible change has taken place in the United States. As an European, in the last nine years I used to rant almost every day about the americans, about how silly of them to go with Bush Jr. blah blah and now I’m trying hard to figures out ways to make a joke about the President of the United States. And trust me I’m following all the late night shows(Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmell, Fergusson) whenever I can(which means that I depend on youtube.com‘s users to upload the shows, and thank Darwin! a lot of them keep doing a good job) and I found that even for Jon Stewart(one of the smartest guy on television; any television) it is difficult to observe obvious faults in Obama’s conduct,  speeches or public appearances etcaetera

How sad! Since January I can’t take my daily portion of fun with the White House’s resident.

I’m almost afraid that something is wrong with my perceptions. I mean, how can I be so impressed watching an ordinary press conference? I know that is ridiculous and I don’t want to make a comparison by any means, but I couldn’t help but remembering JFK’s speech about sending a man on the moon.

And only few weeks ago there the Cairo speech. Come on, it’s too much! I can’t bear it anymore!

Well, I guess that you can smell envy in my words. And the envy is there.

Well done guys.

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