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Epitaph (fragment, XII)

I’m not feeling very well today, so I’ll let this go:

An atheist who dreamed that one day he will become an agnostic.

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A popular scientific experiment which takes place every year in northern Spain confirms once again that Darwin was right.

Details here.

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A few clarification following the previous post:

1. I don’t like the sound of “convert” and “convert to atheism” is even worse, but I used them due to a lack of  better ones. Samantha, on a comment in a previous post, made me feel that she found the word “convert” too strong. What I’ve tried to say was that, in my opinion, every single religious person was converted at some point to one religion or another. Nobody is born with a belief in an organized religion. There’s always somebody else  (the parents in most cases) who takes you to church to be baptized, who tells you about your future god, who raises you in a certain way according with their beliefs, who basically decides for you what to be:  a christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist etc. I don’t know how many believers tell their children: You know children, different people have different beliefs. Our religion is one of many. And we’re gonna let you  decide for yourself,  after you go to a secular school and gain enough experience, if you want to join or not one religion or another (if any).

My point is that if you find yourself to be part of an organized religion(and you didn’t make the choice to join in), at a particular moment in time somebody else took that liberty away from you and constrained you instead. And it is beyond me how this is a fair deal.

Now, what should I call this process of bringing back a christian (let’s say) to a clean state of mind, where there is no room for virgins giving birth, for mothers and sons who rise to the sky after death, for prayers which bring rain or luck at lotto, for a 6000 year old earth, for events that defy the laws of physics, chemistry and common sense?

2. Along with religions came tons of great art and devastating wars. Some people take great comfort in going to church, others have been burned at the stake by church. And so on.

Can we put in the balance the good and the bad that came along with organized religion? If you ask me, the answer is no. No way. Never. The damage done is overwhelming if you think about it. Blindfolding most of the earth’s population can’t be undone by great paintings or great music. Blindfolding most of the earth’s population is unforgivable.

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Or maybe a  more appropriate question would be: should you try?

Let me start by stating that I’ve never tried to convert anybody to anything (I swear to God :-)). And as long as the religiousness of others doesn’t affect your life you should let them be. But you see, can you honestly say that you are not affected by other people’s beliefs? What if you live among a majority of believers (and it doesn’t matter if we talk about Christians, Muslims or Jews,  because to me all religions while appearing to give you a “spiritual dimension” deprive you of what matters the most: your rationality) who built by their own standards the very fabric of your existence?

I can’t help but notice how lucky I am to live in a part of the world where there is a separation of church and state.

But my question is: am I doing the right thing by not talking about “sensitive issues” even with my friends (who just happen to be all religious people)? After all, looking back in history there was not a  single human  born christian, or Muslim. All religions started with somebody who converted somebody else to their religion, right?

To be continued…

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